1. What is GrocersPod ?

GrocersPod Merrimack is an online grocery delivery service for Merrimack College Students & Employees. We offer a wide range of products such as Beverages, Chips & Snacks, Dorm Essentials, Breakfast & Dairy, Personal Care, Meat & Seafood and much more. To see our full product listing kindly visit Mack.GrocersPod.com.


2. What areas do we serve?

 We serve in Merrimack North Andover Campus. 


3. What is the minimum order requirement?

 You can place an order of minimum $24.99.


4. Are there any delivery charges?

 There are no delivery charges as well as no service fee.


5. How do I tip my delivery driver?

 We encourage everyone to show some gratitude towards our drivers and shoppers. You can tip your driver/shoppers by selecting the tip amount during checkout. 


6. How do I cancel my order ?

 If you want to cancel your order then you can give us a call at 617-602-0289 between 8 AM - 6 PM for assistance. 


7. Are there any charges if I cancel my order ?

Yes, If your order status is “Shopping in Progress” then you will be charged 20% of your order amount that you made through the website.


8. How do I apply for a refund?

If your shopper doesn't find a substitute item or the item that you ordered then GrocersPod will issue a refund back to your original payment mode. You can email us at macksupport@grocerspod.com and a customer representative will reach out to you regarding your refunds.


9. Where can I find my order details ?

 Login to your Account   Go to Account Details Dashboard  Order


10. How can I change my password ?

 Login to your Account   Go to Account Details  Dashboard  Change Password.


11. How can I place an order ?

Browse and Select the product you like

Add to Cart

Checkout & Relax


12. How can I make a payment ? What are the payments mode ?

 You can pay via  Mackbucks, Debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal Account.


13. How do I ensure that my information is secure and safe with GrocersPod ?

GrocersPod takes customer identity and privacy very seriously. We have collaborated with Paypal & Transact who are our partners for payment processing, to ensure our customers information is secure and safe.


14. How do I contact GrocersPod?

 You can reach us via Phone 617-602-0289 or an email macksupport@grocerspod.com


15. Does GrocersPod have social Media handles?

Yes, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram



COVID19 Related Questions:


1. How GrocersPod is prepared for COVID19 ?

♦ During this Pandemic GrocersPod believes in contact free delivery.

♦ Your Personal Shoppers are required to wear gloves and masks at all times.

♦ Your Personal Shopper will sanitize the package before the delivery is made.


2. Is there a chance that my order can be delayed ?

No, GrocersPod team will try 100% to fulfill your order within the customer's designated time frame. If there is any delay then we will reach out to you in advance.